On the occasion of its last trade show, MG Tech Group presented its new high, heavy-duty cobot palletizer equipped with an HC30 Yaskawa cobot and a Rockwell Automation system.

Several features set the MG Tech cobot palletizer apart from those already on today’s market:

  • Its palletization capacity, higher than the current market offer. The equipment can palletize on different pallet sizes (1000x1200 mm / 800x1200 mm / 40’’x48’’), to handle cases up to 30 kgs. MG Tech also offers the possibility of adding a lifting column in the cobot, enabling a higher palletizing height up to 2.5 meters. 
  • The control of open and closed case handling, making this equipment perfectly suited for food industries. Thanks to a wide range of grippers – some of which are patented – the palletizer provides multiple gripping, juxtaposed or stacked depending on the type of case. The ability to palletize open cases with a cobot arm is a first in the palletizing market.
  • A perfectly adapted automation architecture that adapts to industrial constraints and allows direct control of the palletizer robot from the HMI. The MG Tech cobot palletizer can be equipped with a Rockwell, Schneider or Siemens automation system.

Equipment meeting industrial needs

The cobot palletizer is aimed at all types of markets. With a performance of up to 6 cycles per minute, manufacturers can afford a machine with easy installation and maintenance. It also provides a reduced footprint, allowing a space saving of up to 15% compared to a “standard” robotic palletizer thanks to the absence of casing around the machine.

Robot or cobot?

MG Tech has been integrating different robot manufacturers into its palletizers for over 15 years. Cobotics is a natural evolution for the MG Tech group, having been present in the 4.0 industry for years while moving toward 5.0 with cobots and AGVs.

If robots make it possible to palletize very heavy loads at a high rate, cobotics brings other advantages: a small footprint on the ground by the absence of casing, flexibility by the possible movement of the equipment, and easy start-up and use. Cobotics offers a modern factory image, affordability and clarity of robotics to operators.

A signed design

Axena Design was called upon to design MG Tech's range. Axena Design is very familiar with MG Tech, having redesigned all of the end-of-line equipment. Hence, finding the main standard equipment: an all-white electrical cabinet, anthracite gray frame/chassis underlined by an inclined human-machine interface (HMI) to facilitate operator use. Strategically placed LED systems allow the operator to be quickly informed of the production process.

A new palletizing software

To complete its palletizing offer, MG Tech has just developed in-house a new palletizing software allowing for the creation of palletization diagrams. This new intuitive software is compatible with all robotic and cobotic palletizers available on the market. It can be driven with a tablet or directly on the machine’s HMI.