Arrowhead Systems ( recently expanded its long-standing Priority One product line with the new PriorityPal Low Level Case Palletizer. The PriorityPal LL Series gives customers flexibility in both layout configurations and price with its expandable modular design. It can be added to a single production line as a stand-alone machine or combined with a multi-level infeed and a rotary turntable or a shuttle car system to palletize multiple production lines simultaneously.

The PriorityPal LL Series simplifies operations and increases employee efficiency. Its floor level design eliminates the need for operator platforms or case inclines. Plus, the machine lifts only one layer at a time, reducing overall wear-and-tear.

 The PriorityPal LL Series also features the latest technology including servo drives, category 3 safety design and remote diagnostics. Operators  can easily switch patterns to run various packages using the intuitive HMI system, and the system’s  infinite load squaring capabilities automatically accommodate current and future needs.