Arrowhead Systems ( will unveil the latest addition to their line-up of Priority One Case Palletizers at the Pack Expo International Show in Chicago on November 2-5, 2014. The PriorityPal Low Level Case Palletizer is designed to palletize a variety of packages including cases, trays, bundles, film only and display packs. The PriorityPal LL series can be added to a single production line as a stand-alone machine, or it can be combined with a multi-level infeed and a rotary turntable or a shuttle car system to palletize multiple production lines simultaneously.

“The Low Level Case Palletizer’s rebirth focuses on leveraging today’s advanced technology to prepare for tomorrow’s package handling challenges,” says  Shawn Grant, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Arrowhead Systems. “In an environment that focuses on sustainability and green secondary packaging, the Low Level Series excels.”

The new PriorityPal LL series has the same quality, fit, finish and functionality as the PriorityPal High Level series machine that Arrowhead Systems introduced in 2013. The difference is that the PriorityPal LL series machine sits at floor level, thereby simplifying operations and increasing employee efficiency. In addition, the machine lifts only one layer of packages at a time, which reduces wear-and-tear on the equipment. 

In regards to technological advancements, the PriorityPal LL Series machine features servo drives, category 3 safety design, and remote diagnostics. Operators will find an intuitive HMI system that enables them to easily switch patterns to accommodate various package sizes and types. Arrowhead Systems also built the system’s load squaring capabilities to accommodate customers’ current and future packaging needs.

 Arrowhead Systems is excited to add the new PriorityPal LL Series to their line of quality case handling equipment. The new machine carries an extensive 3-year warranty, plus customers can take advantage of the installation and start-up services, preventive maintenance packages, training, and technical support provided by A&B Engineering Services, the aftermarket services company of Arrowhead Systems.