Packaging Strategies recently sat down with Ray Wodar of Dassault Systèmes to discuss how the company’s 3DEXPERIENCE (3DX) platform is contributing to the development of sustainable packaging. 

 Wodar is Global Director of Business Consulting for Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail at Dassault Systèmes.

 V+R (virtual plus real) modeling simulation is a key component of the 3DX platform and developing CPG packaging.

 “You can design in real time with the consumer in mind, with the consumer’s shopping experience in mind,” Wodar said, adding that the structure of the package can be developed as well. “Then you can take the structure of that package and test it… do drop tests, do pallet and stacking tests. All modeled in silico, basically in the computer.”

 Wodar adds: “Being able to predict the performance of packaging components before even one physical prototype is built … this allows a greater scale of candidates being available and a reduction of the cost of those materials.”

In addition, Dassault Systèmes has developed lifecycle analysis (LCA) tools that allow companies to quantify the impact of the materials used in the development of the packaging.

 “A product’s design can determine 80% of its environmental impact, so that upfront design lifecycle is critical to the downstream impact of that package when it comes to market,” Wodar said.

 Check out the entire podcast to learn more about how Dassault Systèmes’s 3DX platform and lifecycle analysis tools are contributing to the development of sustainable packaging.