Better Earth LLC, a leader in 100% certified compostable foodservice packaging solutions, has introduced its first e-commerce platform for easy online ordering, added new website navigation and in-depth informational features, and has expanded its corporate team to support ongoing company growth driven by rising interest in making more sustainable and environmentally responsible choices.  

New Online Ordering and Product/Sustainability Insights

The new Better Earth e-commerce store enables restaurant owners, caterers, and eco-conscious consumers to quickly find and purchase the compostable food service packaging products they need. Easy navigation, filtering by category and a deeper information dive into every product all serve to simplify packaging selection, while secure checkout ensures protection for the purchaser.

Other new website features include: up-to-date trends and insights on sustainability, with resources that shed light on environmental issues and innovative solutions; composting guidance helping trade customers and consumers make the most of their compostable products while reducing environmental footprint; and circular economy information including an explanation of the benefits and the latest developments in this transformative approach to sustainability.

Expanded Team

Better Earth also has added key leadership and managerial positions to sustain and increase the company’s expanding market penetration as well as help customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals. 

New team members include: Elias Spartis, Senior Vice President of Operations; Vanessa Novak, Territory Sales Manager for the Northeast; Jimmy Chang, Warehouse Operations Manager at Bedford Park; and Makenzi Ewing, Sales Manager for K-12, Colleges & Universities. These new team members bring extensive experience and a commitment to sustainability and environmental advocacy.

About Better Earth  

Better Earth is a leader in sustainable food service packaging solutions and offers a full range of commercially compostable products, including plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery, cups, and lids. The company’s product line is made entirely from sustainable materials such as bamboo, sugarcane, FSC Certified paper, and bio-based resins, making them a viable alternative to traditional plastics and virgin wood fiber packaging. 

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