Juicy Juice, part of the Harvest Hill Beverage Company, is unveiling a brand new look created in partnership with agency Little Big Brands. The work capitalizes on their category leadership while bringing a new playful element on pack that appeals to parents and kids alike. 

“Juicy Juice is a go-to for a lot of families, whether at home or on-the-go, promising 100% juice,” said Ben Glotzer, senior creative director, Little Big Brands. “We really wanted to help modernize and evolve the brand, but also create something that really resonates with kids. Bringing a fun fruity world to life on pack is visually appealing and also gives the brand an incredible toolbox for digital and advertising exploration.” 

The success of the design is anchored in the ability to create differentiated wholesome and better-for-you cues with a contemporary look. The brand mark is a respectful evolution that brings more play and juiciness to the brand. From a functional perspective, communication was focused on clearly helping consumers understand the key claims and reasons to believe, and color was strategically used to identity flavors easily. Fruit photography was nestled center pack to create appetite appeal and aid in shopability as well. The design allows the brand to flex across multiple pack structures and sizes as well as sublines. 

Emotionally, this new imaginative Juicy Juice world brings fruit to life in unexpected ways. It creates a natural environment with unique “Easter eggs” specific to each flavor, resulting in a fruit-filled, playful landscape. A strawberry parachuting, an apple canoeing, a raspberry in a rocket ship. All part of a day in the life of Juicy Juice. Claims are solidly anchored in these elements as well, like the ‘No Sugar/No Artificial Sweetener’ tag being flown in a banner behind the airplane. The result is a fruity dreamland with all-family appeal. 

The redesign started hitting shelves (and lunch boxes) in January 2024.