TIPA, a global leader in compostable packaging solutions for fashion and food, has announced that its fully compostable and recyclable packaging tray line made from rice waste achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver, which evaluates and recognizes products for their environmental and social impacts.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified standard stands as the premier multi-attribute guideline adopted worldwide by designers, brands, and manufacturers spanning various industries. It guides the design and production of products aimed at fostering a future that is both healthy, equitable, and sustainable. All materials endorsed by Cradle to Cradle must originate from nature.

TIPA’s trays serve as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging or boxes, offering the durability and versatility to encase a variety of products, including fresh produce, baked goods, and hot foods. 

The trays are made from natural rice by-products, called paddy straw, which are typically burned for disposal, a process that contributes to air pollution. TIPA repurposes this bio-waste into durable and sustainable packaging that, like a substance found in nature, fully decomposes into compost following disposal. Their unique pulp composition allows for disposal in home compost bins as well as recycling bins alongside paper waste. 

TIPA recently launched the paddy straw trays through expanded production capabilities following its acquisition of Bio4Pack. Its introduction to the market came amid growing bans on polystyrene takeaway containers, particularly in the United Kingdom. 

"Achieving this certification underscores our unwavering dedication to delivering circular packaging alternatives and signifies the recognition of our efforts by globally recognized entities," said Daphna Nissenbaum, TIPA’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

The trays are GM-free, bio-based, offer an extended shelf life, and are available in various sizes and shapes in the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia.

To learn more about TIPA, please visit https://tipa-corp.com/