Now control and information have merged into a single system. ITM-Plant iT, available only fromHeat and Control, Inc. (Hayward, CA), combines the real-time control of your plant equipment with essential manufacturing execution system (MES) capabilities to maximize efficiency in both startup and on-going operations.

“ITM-Plant iT (Information That Matters – Plant iT) uses one simple software strategy to enable our customers to drive plant floor control and MES processes, such as material tracking and order management with a single platform,” explains Chris Farver, Controls and Information Director at Heat and Control. “Traditional MES solutions are typically layered on top of control systems and require numerous software packages and servers.  Forcing different software for controls and MES functions to work together creates start-up nightmares, high software maintenance costs, and unexpected production shut-downs.”

ITM-Plant iT avoids these problems by utilizing an “object oriented” model for controls which contains the equipment control, equipment visualization, and all the information required to feed our integrated MES solutions, says Farver. “Imagine having all the code, HMI image, equipment and performance data and material and order information in one spot. If you change process parameters or have alarms from unplanned downtime, using built-in tools, ITM-Plant iT automatically saves that information in one central location without any additional configuration or interfacing for later analysis”. Farver says the system includes a Visu-Recorder feature (similar to the digital video recorder on televisions) that lets you view historical production data through the context of the operator’s graphic HMI rather than just a simple report of trends.

Farver summarizes additional advantages of ITM-Plant iT:
  • ITM-Plant iT is the only object oriented PLC-based process control system with embedded MES configured specifically for the food industry.

  • Multi-platform, capable of operating on Siemens, Rockwell, and Mitsubishi PLC platforms

  •  Lean system design, single server, single database, single configuration environment reduce maintenance, software license fees, and programming personnel.

  • MES functions and process-specific libraries are already built, validated and embedded to reduce configuration and start-up delays.

  • Scalable single PC up to high availability and multi-server from systems.

  • Multi-lingual based on standard Microsoft software (SQL, Office, etc.)

  • No need for additional systems and interfaces.

  • Built-in diagnostics and auditing simplify problem solving.

  • Supports virtualization and redundant servers.
Heat and Control