Raque's Shelf Stable Packaging Systems produce complete meals that can be stored without freezing or refrigeration. By combining modern technology with a practical use of natural preservation, "microwaveable" meals can be assembled and packaged for the supermarket shelf.

  • Piston Fillers that can precisely fill hot product into trays, pouches, etc.
  • Systems designed specifically to handle fluids at temperatures of 195F (91C).
  • Insulated, hot water, or steam jacketed hoppers equipped to keep product at the desired temperature.
  • Temperature monitored at the point of fill.
  • Modified Atmosphere Systems make certain that the sealed container delivers consistentresults.
  • Retain flavor, color, and consistency.
  • Results in reducing the level of oxygen, yielding a longer shelf life.
  • Minimal container headspace further ensures the delivery of quality.
  • Heat Sealing System that makes strong, secure, and peelable seals, which can be heated through a final sterilizing process.