Allpax Products, a division ofPro Mach, has successfully developed the fastest retort basket loading system in the world - in excess of 10 sweeps per minute and basket changeover in less than 20 seconds.

“Food and pet food processors can potentially add a filler line and the new 400X Hyper-Loader and significantly boost throughput,” says Greg Jacob, Allpax vice president and general manager. “The productivity improvements should more than outweigh the capital investment for a solid ROI.”

The Hyper-Loader technology of more than 10 sweeps per minute, up from 6 to 7 for a standard Allpax automated loader, and a reduction of basket changeover time from 30 seconds to less than 20, came out of an application where a pet food processor upgraded its kitchen. With the upgrade came more cans per minute than the automated loader could handle. The Allpax solution raised the throughput of 212 X 107 sized cans from 2,000 to 3,000 per minute, a 50% increase. The Allpax Hyper-Loader technology breakthrough is based in part on:
  • Servo carriage control for precise and fast positioning

  • Container pattern pre-stage area to allow for continuous sweeping

  • A Slip sheet squaring area to ensure accurate placement

  • A VFD control on all conveyor motors to optimize efficiency and flexibility

  • A smart hydraulic product elevator for precision placement

  • Proportional hydraulic valve control to optimize elevator positioning speeds

  • Flexibility to run multiple container sizes rapidly with easily installed change parts

At only four feet longer than a standard Allpax automated loader, the Hyper-Loader offers essentially the same footprint and should present few issues in retrofit applications.