FlexLinklaunched new stainless steel conveyors at Interpack 2011, available in three widths, 85, 180 and 300 mm, which are suited for handling products in production and packaging lines within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and segment. Following the previously released new generation X85 conveyors in aluminum, the designations for the new stainless steel conveyors are X85X, X180X and X300X.

The capacity requirement for the 85-mm wide version is 120 m/min and the wider versions can run up to 80 m/min. They are also considerably less noisy than industry standards.

The design is fully modular, from the individual component up to the complete conveyor. They are available in three versions: washdown, which is the standard and easy to clean; wipe off, the version with covered sides and no slots; and covered return chain, which is suited for applications when the requirements of cleanliness are extra high.

New robust conveyor supports and guide rails systems also debut with the conveyor platform. Standard drive units are of IP65 class with food-grade oil.