U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission LLC (ustsubaki.com) has come out with the Super Stainless Steel roller chain. This is a unique roller chain product that combines the corrosion resistance and extreme temperature operating range of Tsubaki’s AS series stainless steel chain with the strength of a carbon steel chain.

Before this R&D breakthrough, multiple stainless chains would be required to provide the equivalent strength of a similarly sized carbon steel chain. This would also require costly and time-consuming equipment redesigns in order to achieve comparable working loads. Super Stainless eliminates that need. As an example, one #50 Super Stainless chain has a comparable maximum allowable load (MAL) to one #50-6AS (6-strand) roller chain.

Some of the new features of Super Stainless chains include higher side-bar waists for greater fatigue strength and hardened pins and bushings for greater bearing strength.

This combination of strength and corrosion resistances allows for Super Stainless chain to fit perfectly into applications where chains are exposed to parasitic acids, tap water, salt water, low- dosage caustics and operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to +750°F.

Common applications for Super Stainless chain are: freezers, food packaging and processing, underwater applications, high speed conveyors and high temperature ovens.