Bright-light environments can cause monitor screens to appear “washed-out” or dim.  The largePro-face( 12.1-inch touchscreen HMI with video and audio capabilities has improved readability in a bright-light environment.  It is three times brighter than a standard LCD TFT display due to an improved reflective surface.  Images focused directly at the operator intensify and appear sharper to the machine operator. 

Three Pro-face models are available:  
1. NEW Twelve inch, HMI with the ability to add video/audio feed & playback. (AGP3650-U1-D24)  
2. Twelve inch, HMI with control and a CANopen interface. (AGP3600-U1-D24)  
3. Compact, 5.7-inch HMI with expansive connectivity to drives and devices. (AGP3300-U1-D24)