Fogg Filler(, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves customers and the environment. Fogg’s new Sanitizer Skids will combine chemical blending, sterile water generation, and rinse recovery in one compact skid for multiple rinsers.  

The first thing the Sanitizer Skid is designed to do is blend chemicals. It will mix the chemical of choice to the proper concentration. Then it heats it to the prescribed temperature and maintains it as needed. These actions are all controlled and operated by the PLC. Using this feature will ensure that the rinsing/sanitizing system always maintains the proper pressure and allows for custom blending requirements.

The second part of the skid is the Sterile Water Generation process which takes ambient, plant water and filters it through a series of filters. The necessary pumps and valves are provided to meet all application needs. There is also the option for direct steam injection where the temperature is controlled +/- 5°F to heat the water to a specified temperature. 

The chemical solution then travels to the rinser/rinsers to sanitize the bottles. Then the chemical solution is returned back to the Rinse Recovery section of the Skid to be filtered and reused. This dramatically reduces the environmental impact at the same time it lowers the manufacturers operating costs. 

Customers can integrate this Sanitizer Skid to any line or have the system built directly into the next project. Each system will be customized to meet sanitation needs.