Perimeter Brand Packaging( announces the launch of a new, market-ready candy packaging solution, called Handout, that is designed to increase on-shelf visibility, brand recognition, purchase intent and candy consumption. Based  on consumer insights relating to the social nature of sharing candy, Handout is designed to be left "out to share" and promotes increased consumption. The in-mold labeling (IML) capabilities give candy manufacturers a powerful 5"x16" branding billboard.    

"We believe this is the first market-ready out to share candy packaging solution," says Steve Callahan,president of Perimeter Brand Packaging. "It's a success for brand owners and consumers."  

In conjunction with ORC International, a global market research firm, Perimeter's Consumer Insights team conducted a study among 1,000 consumers. The study revealed that consumers expected to consume up to 89% more from Handout versus traditional bagged candy. Likewise, the out to share design increased consumption frequency of family and friends.  

Consumers said Handout would lead them to more usage occasions, like sharing at their workplace or using it as a gift. Overall, they said the package was appealing because it is unique, looks appetizing, serves as its own candy bowl, will keep their candy fresh and is refillable.  

The visual appeal and billboard of Handout also played a significant role in increasing purchase intent at retail. The study concluded that the customizable IML graphics significantly increase on-shelf visibility and brand recognition and build a premium appeal. The full-color IML graphics not only allow for strong brand reinforcement, but also seasonal patterns. The polypropylene tub is 100% recyclable and is available in clear plastic to allow consumers to see the contents inside.  

"Handout creates a new platform for seasonal candy packaging and increases merchandising opportunities for both on-shelf and seasonal promotional displays," says Callahan.  

Handout is a market-ready packaging solution. As a part of Perimeter's growing product portfolio, Handout was designed for "speed to volume" manufacturing and is validated by consumers.