Manufacturing, MRO shops & service organizations needing to get more done in less time and speed repair & rebuild jobs will welcome the new Cold Air Pistol byVortec ( 

Cold Air cooling has long been recognized in various machining operations for spot cooling to prolong tool life, and improve production rates & quality, without the liquid mess associated with coolants.  However, most Cold Air Guns are dedicated to a specific tool, and affixed in place using a magnetic holder. The new Cold Air Pistol, featuring an ergonomic trigger mechanism, provides mobility and flexibility with its hand-triggered pistol action to give cooling on demand.

Steve Broerman, Engineering Manager at Vortec, states, “For general repair and production jobs, a more mobile solution than the Cold Air Gun was needed. The Cold Air Pistol gives shop workers great mobility, and is easy to use, just point and shoot. And with an introductory price point of only $199, it is affordable for small and medium size facilities.” 

The Cold Air Pistol is being used for a variety of applications, including freeing seized bearings from tight interferences, easing bearing installation when heating is not an option, chilling heated bearing races to a shaft, cooling of welds and solders, temperature testing thermostats, setting adhesives, cooling of parts and tools. And when thermal cycling is needed, the Cold Air Pistol’s zero degree F air stream cools material quickly to speed the process. The Cold Air Pistol also finds application in cooling chromatographic columns in laboratory applications. 

The Cold Air Pistol uses vortex tube technology to convert ambient temperature compressed air to a cold air stream. Vortec developed the first industrial applications for vortex tube technology and continues to innovate, making its products easier to use, conserving compressed air and reducing noise levels.