Anchor Packagingannounces the addition of a second, smaller, version of its highly successful, patented, Crisp Food Container™. Utilizing the same Convection Cross-Flow® technology as its predecessor, the new container is sized to hold four pieces of chicken, or a variety of other fried food products.

Until the launch of the original Anchor Crisp Food Container in 2009, the industry had struggled with balancing food quality along with food safety.  Packaging methods that allowed enough moisture to escape to retain the crispiness and texture of the food also exhausted heat too quickly. This frequently led to internal temperatures below those required by local Health departments.

The Anchor Crisp Food Container solved both of these problems for the industry. With the launch of this latest product, a much broader spectrum of foods can benefit from Anchor’s technology breakthrough.

In either size, the Crisp Food Containers use through-the-closure ventilation, along with raised airflow channels in the base of the container, combined with venting in the anti-fog lid, to ensure that fried foods remain crispy. The unique design of this packaging system retains internal temperatures better than other containers in use for fried foods. And, like all products in Anchor’s Culinary line, it is designed to withstand up to 230°F when placed in warming unit displays and under heat lamps. Made of polypropylene (SPI #5 PP), they are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and consumer reusable and recyclable.