Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.announced the availability of the Thermo Scientific Xpert™ C400. It is the first model in a line of next-generation x-ray systems for contaminant detection and product inspection. The Xpert C400 combines very high sensitivity with industry-leading durability to meet customers’ needs for increased detection standards. At the same time, it lowers the total cost of ownership for X-ray detection.

The Xpert C400 easily detects metal, glass, dense plastics and other contaminants in packaged food. It can also analyze an X-ray image to estimate weight or fill and count or assure that objects are inside a packaged item. The system’s highly sensitive detectors are available in multiple resolutions (0.8/0.4mm), and its suite of algorithms is designed to find small contaminants in complex images with few, if any, false rejects. A low-power x-ray source (85W) reduces the system’s shielding requirements while easily penetrating typical items under inspection.

Due to its improved design and component quality, the Xpert C400 can run 24/7 in harsh environments with less maintenance and fewer repairs than other systems. It is tested to fully meet IP65 requirements for dust and washdown and operates over a wide 5° to 40° C temperature range. Because of its modular design and built-in remote support capability, technicians can troubleshoot and service the system quickly, minimizing expensive downtime.

Thermo Scientific will showcase the Thermo Scientific Xpert™ C400 at Pack Expo, September 26-28, 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #1231.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.