Following its introduction in recent years of combicheckers combining checkweighing with metal detection and machine vision inspection, the CX35 links METTLER TOLEDO’s highly precise and versatile C35 checkweigher with its advanced X33 X-ray inspection system.

By combining checkweighing and X-ray inspection technology, the CX35 is able to detect and reject contaminants such as glass, plastic and bone that are 'invisible' to metal detectors. This makes the new system attractive to a wide range of both food and pharmaceutical companies for whom this capability is essential. The new system will also speed inspection time and reduce space requirements on production lines, increasing line productivity.

The C35 AdvancedLine Checkweighing System can deliver throughput of up to 600 packages per minute, a weighing range of from 3 g to 10 kg and extremely accurate weighing. This fits the C35 for use in a wide range of production situations that require 100% reliable weight control. Simple to operate, and configurable for a broad range of applications, the C35 enables companies to Inspect 100% of their product, segregate non-conforming packages and collect production data using one of two optional Weight Data Interfaces.

The X33 series X-ray system combines a single vertical X-ray beam with high-sensitivity detector technology that allows inspections to take place using a low power (20 W) X-ray generator. This reduces energy requirements and costs, and eliminates the need for cooling, resulting in a more compact cabinet size. The X-ray system detects foreign contaminants including glass, metal, stone, bone, high-density plastics and rubber compounds, even when products are wrapped in aluminum foil or metalized film.