Mettler Toledo ( developed the X36 Series of X-ray inspection systems to enable manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical products to inspect products for contamination at high production speeds (up to 300 products per minute) on both single and multi-line operations, while reducing the energy requirements for doing so.      

While standard X-ray inspection systems use powerful generators to inspect products, the X36 Series uses highly sensitive X-ray detectors that require a less powerful (20 watt) generator to produce the same results, making it the most energy-efficient X-ray system on the market. Its robust, hygienic design also makes it a reliable choice even for harsh washdown environments.

Ideal for inspecting small, medium and large products, the X36 Series systems offer outstanding detection of contaminants that include metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high-density plastic and rubber. In addition to detecting contaminants, the systems also simultaneously offer product integrity checks such as measuring gross and zoned mass, counting components and checking the integrity of seals, guaranteeing all-round product quality. These capabilities result in safety and product quality benefits for both the manufacturer and its customers.

Today’s regulatory bodies and consumers alike are focused on product safety and on protection of the environment through reducing energy use. The X36 Series inspection systems directly address both of these concerns.