Diagraph introduces the E-Series Tamp Blow All-Electric Print/Apply Labeler.  This “tamp blow” module adds to the innovative and highly successful E-Series labeler, which uses no compressed air and has digital controls for precise and accurate label placement and high repeatability.

The E-Tamp Blow labeler is perfect for labeling delicate or fragile substrates, such as plastic clamshells, without making any contact from the tamp pad.  The tamp pad is extended 1/8 inch to ¼ inch from the product to be labeled, and then “blows” the label onto it.  The E-Series Tamp Blow can print and apply the labels for top or side application.  In addition, the Tamp Blow can also provide label application to products with slight recesses or curvatures.

With the Diagraph E-Tamp Blow labeler, the process of applying a label in a touch-less manner is simple, and without the use of compressed air.  By using the same high velocity brushless fan motor that develops vacuum to hold the label, the direction of air flow can be changed to blow the label away from the tamp pad. The E-Tamp Blow module uses a double-action, air-flow valve design to almost instantly change vacuum draw into an air blast coming out of the very same porting holes.