Ossid(www.ossid.com), powered byPro Mach(www.ProMachInc.com), introduced the TVS 1000 label and barcode validation machine designed to ensure that package contents, labels, and barcodes are perfectly matched. There are additional features – including running up to 140 units per minute - that make the TVS 1000 a must have for every packager interested in improving quality and customer satisfaction on high speed packaging lines.

The new stainless-steel TVS 1000 scans a bag or tray for both the presence and proper placement of the label. Following that step, the unit checks whether the barcode can be read, and if so, validates the correct bar code for the contents of the package. Packages not meeting specifications are shunted off the line. The Ossid TVS 1000 is capable of reading 21 different barcode symbologies, including 2D.

When an operator selects the product to be run, the TVS 1000 pulls product identification data from the server and then downloads the necessary pieces of information to other machines on the line, including labelers and printers. The unit collects production data on the number of packages passing through the system and the number of positive and negative reads. This unit will help improve the quality of meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, and produce operations.

“When you are running thousands of bags or trays every shift and operators are loading roll after roll of pre-printed labels and ink jet printers are working nonstop, the chance of error is high,” says Mike Alyounes, product manager, Ossid. “The TVS 1000 inspects 100% of labeling and printing to ensure the right label and readable barcode is attached to the right product. Accurate labeling helps to lower returns and improve customer satisfaction. It also helps to ensure that those with food allergies have the correct ingredients information, and that is an immense positive for everyone concerned.”

The Ossid TVS 1000 automatically adjusts to different packaging sizes for greater versatility. There is a wash-down version available, and the unit can be ordered in various conveyor heights.