filtechas revolutionized the way bottles are inspected for low pressure caused by misplaced caps, stress cracks, pinholes and other defects in PET and HDPE containers, whether they hold carbonated beverages, liquid-nitrogen (LN2)- dosed water, teas or juices. The filtec pressure/leak detector uses a beltless system, so there’s no squeezing of the bottles to detect improper pressure, eliminating the possibility of product spillage from defective bottles and the resulting belt contamination.

With only a single moving part, the pressure/leak detector is virtually maintenance-free. Instead of using belts that frequently need to be adjusted; each bottle is firmly supported by precisely positioned guide rails while being inspected by an intelligent sensor utilizing a proprietary algorithm. This enables the pressure/leak detector to give an immediate and reliable read. When the pressure is outside the acceptable limits, a defect is indicated, and the bottle is rejected from the line

The pressure/leak detector is also extremely cost-effective to operate. In addition to being belt-free, it is airless which reduces utility costs. Its small footprint makes installation in existing lines quick and easy, and precision-fitted parts make changeovers a snap, eliminating expensive downtime.

The pressure/leak detector connects to any existing filtec fill level inspection system using the same rejector, and ships with filtec’s full-featured color touchscreen to complete the package.