Cocomilk and Fruit is an on-the-go refreshment.

Buddy Fruits debuts the addition of its Cocomilk and Fruit pouch to the already successful line of squeezable fruit products. The all-natural snack is made from 100% fruit and available in two flavors, tropical and raspberry, making it a suitable summer alternative to sugar-packed beverages. Cocomilk and Fruit comes in a 4.2-oz. pouch, larger than the company's other products, to please a more adult appetite, while still appealing to the company's younger demographic.

"With this new product we are expanding our offering to reach a more adult audience while staying true to our philosophy of making the consumption of fruit easy and fun," says Fabian Milon, co-founder of Buddy Fruits. "We are excited to be the first company to debut a product like Cocomilk in a squeezable pouch to the marketplace."

Nutrient-rich and high in fiber, vitamins and potassium, coconut milk also doubles as a healthy substitute for dairy. Specifically, the Cocomilk and Fruit pouch joins Buddy Fruits' unique line of gluten-free fruit snacks. Combining the convenience of Buddy Fruits unique packaging with the latest in refreshment products, the new product is easy-to-consume, allowing adults and kids alike to effortlessly enjoy.

"The coconut milk trend has exploded worldwide and its benefits align perfectly with our company mission to always provide the most healthy and delicious products, packed with fruit. The Cocomilk and Fruit pouch enables consumers to always have a taste of the tropics at their fingertips -- just in time for summer," continues Milon.

Buddy Fruits' products can currently be found in over 20,000 stores across the U.S. and in the produce section of most stores.