Cintron Beverage Group launches 1950s-inspired premium drinks.

Cintron Beverage Group teamed up withStrategia Design, to develop a branding concept for its new line of premium-ingredient iced teas and fruit ades. The new premium drinks are packaged in 14-ounce eco-friendly glass bottles fromCastle Co-Packersand feature vintage sepia-toned images and stylized tropical fruits that evoke Havana in the 1950s. The collaboration yielded a modern take on the 1950s vintage design period to appeal to women and men ages 18-54.

“We wanted these premium products to look as good on the shelf as they tasted,” says Donna Davin, Cintron’s Chief Marketing Officer. “These teas and fruit ades are all natural and pays homage to the vibrancy of Latin cuisine, which is always made with simple, fresh ingredients.”

Cintron iced teas and fruit drinks are available across the U.S.