DreamPak introduces its first liquid line using 10-mL tubes of flavor concentrates.

DreamPak LLC, Alexandria, VA, a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, launched in April its first beverage line. Enhance to Go is a line of single-serve concentrated liquid drink mixes that are delivered in DreamPak’s exclusive LiquiTube packaging.

In contrast to powdered mixes, LiquiTubes are easy to open, add to water, and dissolve almost instantly in liquid. The polyvinyl chloride tubes are fromNational Plastics (Canada) Inc.(phone 416-291-3934).

“This transition into beverages was a very natural progression for our company,” says Tarick Gamay, business development manager. “Retailers and brokers have been asking us to move into this category for a few years now.”

DreamPak believes that liquid drink mixes represent the future of the beverage category. “Since their inception, grocery stores have been eating up valuable shelf space with large, ready-to-drink bottles. In an effort to solve this dilemma, they began introducing single-serve powders,” says Gamay. “However, these products have fallen far short of consumer expectations because they are not liquids. Retailers and consumers are starting to realize that liquid drink mixes are the way to go.”

The goal of the in-house packaging designs was to communicate the fact that the items are liquid drink mixes versus the traditional brands using powdered drink mixes, Gamay says.  A high-resolution photo on the front panel emphasizes the new delivery system.

DreamPak’s Enhance to Go line comprises 10-count cartons of Iced Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, and Chocolate Syrup and a 6-count carton of 3-in-1 Coffee. The contents of one LiquiTube flavor 16.9 oz (500 mL) of cold water or, in the case of 3-in-1 Coffee, the contents of an 8-oz cup.

The items, which are also available for private label, will retail for comparable prices to the national brand powder equivalents. Depending on the product, suggested pricing ranges from $2.99 to $3.99 per carton.

-Rick Lingle, Editor in Chief