The popular juice range switches to a clear, curved PET bottle and contour-hugging label.

Introduced in 2009, Trop50, a brand extension of the USA’s most successful orange juice product, Tropicana, has had a makeover.  The popular juice range has a sleek new look with a clear, curved bottle, that is 100% recyclable and features pressure sensitive labels fromSpear.

Trop50 boasts a variety of Juices offering 50% less sugar and calories. The brand uses Stevia, a natural sweetener making it a 100% natural product, something brand developers were keen to showcase. They achieved this with a clear, PET bottle that showcases the product’s pure color and flavor.

The label still features Tropicana’s signature orange and straw, but now features an easier to read flavor label.  Spear designed the label to follow the curved shape of the new clear bottle.