Sambazon juices and smoothies receive a refreshed look printed in 10 colors on PET shrink-sleeve labels.

Sambazon, the pioneer of organic Amazon superfoods in the U.S., unveiled this spring a refreshed look to its juice and smoothie portfolio with the introduction of three new juices and smoothies: Organic Protein Superfood Smoothies in Açaí Berry + Chocolate and Açaí Berry + Vanilla and Sambazon Organic Acai with Orange Juice.

"Sambazon is committed to sharing superfood health with the world in a way that consciously benefits communities and eco-systems," says Jeremy Black, Sambazon co-founder. “This latest premium juice blend extends our organic line of antioxidant-rich juices, smoothies, sorbets and smoothie packs to [provide] a broad range of great-tasting options that help fuel your day organically.”

The products are packaged in 10.5- and 32-ounce bottles with a suggested price of $2.99 and $7.99, respectively. They are available at select grocers and Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Sambazon’s bottle maintains the same shape that the company has used for the last few years. According to the company, “the bottle is made from two thin layers of HDPE with a special oxygen barrier to preserve freshness.” It contains post-industrial recycle content and is recyclable as #2 HDPE polymer. The polyethylene terephthalate labels are printed in 10 colors.

Sambazon’s redesign distinguishes between its heritage Açaí line of tasty juices and smoothies and its new functional line, made up of Supergreens, Energy, Immunity and two flavors of Protein. The graphics design, handled byPtarmak, centered on refreshing the look and feel of Sambazon’s comprehensive juice and smoothie portfolio and bringing the sustainable, health-focused and lively spirit of the brand to life, according to Black.

“The new beverage packaging distinguishes between the heritage Açaí line of tasty juices and smoothies and the new functional line,” Black informsFood & Beverage Packaging. “To make it easier for our consumers to differentiate between Sambazon’s individual juice and smoothie products, we illuminated the flavor and function on each bottle and took the opportunity to intensify taste appeal through a proprietary hand-drawn illustration style.”

-Rick Lingle, Executive Editor