Kayco introduces the first line of craft functional beet beverages called BEETOLOGY. These craft beverages pack all the punches that speak to today’s health minded consumer.  

Every year, consumers are getting more and more picky about what’s on (or not on) their food labels. “Clean” foods with added health benefits are a top priority, according to Phil Lempert, who compiled the Forbes Ten Food Trends that will Shape 2017. “Look for the next big trend coming from Matcha, butter, beets and botanicals,” he predicts.

First out of the gate comes a sweet, healthy beverage made from one of nature’s untapped nutritional powerhouses: beets. Beetology is a new line of delicious, organic, cold pressed juices from Kayco, and it’s leading the pack of good-for-you products that offer all the “clean” attributes health-conscious shoppers demand along with an amazingly delicious, crisp and refreshing taste.

According to Charles Herzog, chief Beetologist and VP of new business development at Kayco, “The movement toward simple, easy-to-understand healthy ingredients is now in the mainstream. Beetology beverages contain no more than five ingredients – nothing but organic, natural, cold-pressed juice. We’re especially proud of their pure, farm-to-table pedigree. You can taste the difference with our juices-we use only the best of the best in order to offer perfectly crafted blends for a crisp and uniquely flavorful difference in every sip.”

All five varieties are 100% non-GMO, U.S.D.A. Certified Organic, and Certified Fair Trade. The 100% juice blends contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors or flavors. As for those who balk at beets, Kayco says the trend is here to stay. “Beetology is out to prove just how sweet and tasty this misunderstood root vegetable is,” Herzog says. “We travel the world to find the best tasting beets, because we think that beet juice will be the next big craze since pomegranates.”

The myriad benefits of beets are well-documented. Dense in nutrients and high in antioxidants, they’re great for the heart, brain, and blood pressure. They help boost energy, aid in weight loss, support cleansing and detoxing, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Refrigerated and merchandised inside the refrigerator, every bottle of Beetology is fresh and ready to grab and go. The new drink is distributed exclusively by New Jersey-based Kayco and will be available soon at health food, specialty, grocery and kosher food markets.

Beetology is sold in 8-ounce custom bottles designed to communicate the carefully crafted layers of natural fruit and vegetable flavor in every bottle. When asked why glass over plastic, the company states that it took exhaustive efforts to craft the perfect combination of organic fruits and vegetables, and the glass keeps the blend tasting perfectly crisp and fresh.