KAYCO has launched Wonder Melon, a beverage made from 100% organic cold-pressed juice with no added sugar, artificial ingredients,or artificial coloring.

This healthy game-changer comes in two exciting varieties. Watermelon Cucumber Basil is a cool concoction of real watermelon juice, lemon juice, apple juice, cucumber juice and basil, with only 80 calories per 8.45 oz. bottle. Watermelon Lemon Cayenne contains real watermelon juice, lemon juice, apple juice and a dash of cayenne at just 100 calories per 8.45-oz. bottle.

Both varieties are non-GMO verified, certified Fair Trade, USDA organic, and certified OU kosher (parve). Packaged six bottles per case , Wonder Melon is available in the refrigerator section at Shop-Rite, Fairway, Best Market, independent grocers and Amazon.