Redesign that focuses on premium quality was a year in the making.

Fans of family-owned, Gifford's Ice Cream, Skowhegan, ME, will find a new, eye-catching look on Gifford’s packages in retail outlets throughout New England, New York and New Jersey.  

A year in the making, the products’ updated brand features a completely revamped package look and new Gifford's logo for its retail ice cream and low-fat frozen yogurt flavors. The redesign was driven by the company's desire to more clearly inform customers about the premium quality that has made Gifford's Ice Cream the largest, most popular ice cream manufacturer in Maine.

The front of each carton now prominently displays each flavor's colorful prime ingredient along with catchy flavor descriptions, while the new logo features a stylized letter “G” that serves as a clever reference to a bowl of ice cream.  Gifford's selectedBriggs Advertisingto carry out the new branding project.

“Ice cream competition in markets is stiff, and we needed to really stand out and 'leap' off the shelf, while at the same time present a package that would do a fantastic job of communicating our premium, high-quality product,” notes Lindsay Gifford-Skilling, vice president of sales at Gifford's. 

“The feedback we've been receiving from customers, market staff and our team at Gifford’s tells us we hit the nail on the head with achieving what we were aiming for with this new feel and look,” she adds.  “This is especially important as we grow into additional markets that may not yet be as familiar with our ice cream products.” 

The new packaging is available in six half-gallon flavors, 15 quart flavors, and 4 low-fat frozen yogurt flavors.