SLAP FROZEN features a resealable, joystick-like pouch design.

SLAP FROZEN Energy from Brain-Twist, Inc., New York City, adds a twist to pouched products as the first-ever frozen energy beverage. Formulated in three flavors to stay slushy when frozen, a 10-ounce pouch of SLAP contains 25% more energy than the leading brands while providing a refreshing cool-down.

“SLAP FROZEN Energy takes the energy drink category to the next level,” says Larry Trachtenbroit, founder and chief energy officer of SLAP. “We are introducing something that’s bigger than just a flavor change or a new package; SLAP FROZEN Energy offers a really cool consumer experience that is supported by both great taste and innovative packaging.”

Introduced in April, the pouch provided byPrintpack ( was carefully custom-designed to fit perfectly in the consumer’s hand via “finger grips” akin to the joystick of an Xbox game system. Affixed to the 45-degree angled top, the closure is resealable.

“We wanted packaging that was proprietary, something that fits in your hand that could be easily grasped,” states president Mike Oringer. “We love the angled top with the cap for two reasons: One, because you could hold it sideways and drink it out of it, almost like a flask.  And it was also a cool, unique shape that we could own. It’s also very interesting because the shape is almost like a joystick. The sweet spot of our targeted audience is the college student, who can identify with game consoles and that design.”

SLAP will be sold in either the energy drink section or freezer at major retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $2.50.