Freedrinks Ltd. introduces lightly carbonated ZEO.

ZEO is a lightly carbonated beverage that’s a blend of berries, flowers, herbs, grains, and spices delivers a stimulating drink experience.Blue Marlin( created graphic and structural packaging to introduce ZEO on and off-trade.

“The flowing form of our structural design plays with your senses, like ZEO itself. Its curious curves unpredictably refract light, enigmatically disguising the physical shape of the bottle in a low-lit bar or nightclub setting. The intangibility of the new design encapsulates ZEO’s mysterious mixology and unique sensorial effects in a bottle,” says Blue Marlin’s head of structure, Guy Williams. Blue Marlin will continue their commitment to ZEO by supporting Freedrinks Ltd. on supplier sourcing and full supply chain implementation for the first six months of the launch.

ZEO’s distinctive structure is complimented by stylish graphics. “We kept the design simple, to allow ZEO’s unique bottle shape to do the talking,” explains Blue Marlin London creative director Simon Pendry, “The minimalistic black, gold and white graphic design gleams with sophistication, communicating essential information with perfectly premium appeal.”

Valeriy Lukovnikov, managing director at Freedrinks Ltd. comments, “ZEO stands alone as an exciting new alternative to traditional adult soft drinks. We wanted a brand presence for ZEO as special as its properties. This stunning design has done that and more.”