Hot Tamales updates its packaging.

Hot Tamales is heating things up this spring with a new look. Hot Tamales unveils new package graphics for the brand that consumers have loved for over 50 years.    

The new packaging graphics reveal a more modern, fiercer packaging design. While still maintaining its traditional fireball, the bold new flames highlight the heat within. The new red background is a darker red, accentuating the new flames in a bright red.

Completing the hipper packaging, the varied colors in the word “FIERCE” show the rising heat sensation of the candy.  

These new graphics are available nationally on all Hot Tamales Cinnamon packages including the popular: large theater box (8.3-ounce) large peg bag (8.3-ounce), small theater box (5.0-ounce), count goods bag (1.8-ounce), and $.25 cents change maker (.78-ounce).    

Donald Houston, senior marketing manager, comments, “Early indications show that longtime Hot Tamales fans love the new look and new fans, in the 18-24 year old range, are gravitating to the new graphics. While we have changed the look of the graphics, consumers can be sure they will be getting the same great Hot Tamales taste that they have come to know and love. We anticipate a continued, very positive consumer reaction.”