Company debuts new logo, refreshed packaging and website.

Cedarlane® Natural Foods, Inc. will celebrate 30 years in business with a fresh new look. From the Cedarlane logo to product packaging to the company’s website, the evolution of the Cedarlane brand will refresh the company’s look in anticipation of many more productive and rewarding years to come.

The brand’s refreshed packaging will feature a modernized logo more clearly representative of the brand’s values:
  • The weathering of the plaque on the right hand side of the logo speaks to the company’s heritage in the natural foods industry.

  • The green color and the circular fork emblem underscore Cedarlane’s commitment to healthier eating and a healthier planet.

  • The cedar tree itself represents a Mediterranean outlook, which views “food as medicine and medicine as food.”

  • Combining the tree with the circular fork emblem encapsulates the fresh “field to fork” concept behind Cedarlane’s all-natural frozen foods.
“After 30 successful years in the industry, we’re ready to grow and move forward into the next decade with a fresh new look to our products and a completely updated website,” says Cedarlane founder and president Robert Atallah. “Cedarlane will continue to offer great-tasting, all-natural frozen foods that are easy to prepare, yet our products will reflect a more modern, shopper-friendly image.” In addition to a series of nutritional icons that clearly indicate key nutrition information, each product’s modernized package design will include a round seal/stamp that denotes its primary benefit, such as “Gluten-Free,” “Low Fat,” or “High Fiber.” Front panel call-outs will show the amount of protein, fiber, fat or sugar content to help consumers make the healthiest choices for their dietary needs at a glance.

Packaging will also feature QR codes that, when scanned, will lead customers to the new interactive Cedarlane website, where customers will learn about special promotions and partnerships. The website will encourage more interaction between the brand and consumers, featuring a Facebook window and Twitter link on the homepage, and a community area for sharing photos, opinions and nutrition news. A product menu will inform consumers about Cedarlane’s quality ingredients, certified organic options and vegetarian choices. A store locater will make it easy for people to find the closest grocery store carrying Cedarlane products, while a “Buy Now” feature will allow for convenient online purchases.

Cedarlane fans can look forward to the release of the new fresh and contemporary Cedarlane website and updated packaging in January of 2012.