JBS uses new bag to provide innovative solutions.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to helping retail and foodservice customers address costly challenges, in the summer of 2011, the world’s largest meat processor, JBS, adopted the Cryovac®QuickRip™easy open bag for a number of its premium beef brands.

With an eye toward minimizing yield loss and creating an overall exceptional experience in the premium meat category, JBS saw an opportunity to help its customers by working withSealed Air’s Cryovacbrand (www.cryovac.com) to provide a package that would enhance employee and product safety, improve efficiencies and reduce product waste. The Cryovac QuickRip bag implemented for the JBS Aspen Ridge and Cedar River Natural Beef lines, as well as the 1855 Premium Beef line, proved to be up to the task. The new bag offers a high-performing, easy-open packaging solution that eliminates the need for knives and sharp tools to open products. As a result, there is a reduced risk of product gouges and scores that can lead to product waste and cross contamination, as well as a reduced risk of employee injury associated with sharp objects.

“Our bottom line is innovation,” says Tyler Brown, director of Premium Beef Programs at JBS. “We continuously challenge ourselves to bring creative solutions to our customers, and we pride ourselves on making improvements even before our customers ask – sometimes before they’ve even realized a need. Our experience with Cryovac is that they hold themselves to similar standards. The new QuickRip bag shows that they take an active interest in developing packaging improvements that make our customers’ jobs easier. And that makes our products even better.”

“JBS’s adoption of the Cryovac QuickRip bag demonstrates how customers can utilize our packaging innovations and total systems approach to differentiate products and develop a positive experience for the processor and the end-user,” says Shawn Harris, Sealed Air Cryovac brand Marketing Manager for Fresh Red Meat. “By designing the QuickRip bag to run on existing equipment, we were able to deliver a seamless and cost-neutral value-add to these premium JBS brands, without the expense associated with significant equipment investments or downtime”

“Our philosophy is that our packaging should have the same quality standards as our products,” says Brown. “We’ve seen a very positive reaction to the QuickRip bag from our retail and foodservice customers, and because of that, we’re applying this same packaging to additional products as well.”

JBS currently utilizes the Cryovac QuickRip bag in its 1855 Premium Beef line and plans continues to roll out products within the Aspen Ridge and Cedar River Natural Beef lines.