Kraft’s LU TUC package is recognized for its value-added format.

Pack-Track Innovation of the Monthfrom Datamonitor Group ( is Kraft Foods’ LU TUC from Italy. It was selected because of the efficient easy-opening and reclosability of the pack. These benefits are scarcely seen on flexible packs in the biscuit sector, where tear-strips in roll-wraps fail all too often and the most reliable way of maintaining freshness is to store your biscuits in a tin. 

The familiar flow-wrap format has been modified via laser cutting the film in a wavy pattern to produce a very neat opening as the consumer peels back the self-adhesive film label that is positioned over the top.  The dispensing aperture extends the full width of the pack and is large enough to allow the biscuits to be taken out easily.  The consumer returns the label to its original position to reclose the pack and both the flow-wrap film and the label withstand repeated use without tearing or loss of quality.

“What impressed me about this pack was the practicality of the solution created to add significant functionality to a packet of biscuits,” comments Andrew Streeter, Packaging Innovations Director of Pack-Track. “I like the simplicity of approach, coupled with excellence in execution – often a difficult trick to perform.  For the consumer it is a clear beneficial differentiator, the TUC production team have retained the existing pack format and enhanced their skill base, plus the branding team have a stronger brand offering, no doubt IP protected too.”

Streeter continues, “This is another example of laser technology with flexibles. The opening and reclosing performs well but the concept starts to degrade a little as the product is consumed and the ‘foundation of biscuits’ that helps the pack keep its shape is reduced.  Still, I would say that is an acceptable price to pay for a significant step forward.  Using a self-adhesive label adds cost but I am not sure the consumer sees it that way given the benefits it brings.  I wonder if this and other laser cut or etched flexible packs are the start of a new format modification, in which case we will be capturing more of these applications on Pack-Track in the New Year.”

LU TUC retails at EUR 1.00.