Jelly beans inspired by Snapple drinks.

Jelly Belly Candy Company delivers the "Best Stuff on Earth" to Snapple fans in a new line of Jelly Belly jelly beans inspired by Snapple Juice Drinks. Jelly Belly Snapple Mix features five flavors now available in clever miniature bottles.

The new Jelly Belly Snapple Bottles are modeled after the real Snapple Juice Drink bottles. Bursting with Snapple flavor, Jelly Belly Snapple Mix was developed with natural ingredients, including real fruit juice, Snapple juice drink concentrates and fruit purees. The color for these flavorful beans comes purely from natural fruits and vegetables, including grapes, black currant, carrot and apple. 

The miniature size, 1.65-oz. Jelly Belly Snapple Bottle, is perfect for carrying in your pocket. The Jelly Belly Snapple Mix is also available in several size packages, including a 3.1-ounce bag, 6.5-ounce bag and 4.5-ounce box. These products can be found nationwide at select retailers or online at