Stillhouse Distillery launches Original Moonshine.

Stillhouse Distillery LLC launches the Original MOONSHINE clear corn whiskey, marketed in a bootlegger-style jug sourced by TricorBraun(

TricorBraun facilitated the design and manufacture of the prohibition-style whiskey jug for the Stillhouse Distillery LLC, and won a bronze award for its originality at the 2011 National Association of Container Distributor’s annual competition.

The 750-ml rustic, flint glass container’s neck features the customary XXXX along with a looped, glass finger-handle to resemble a prohibition-era moonshine jug.

While the jug has a roaring twenties appearance, it capitalizes on contemporary packaging strategies to advance the Original MOONSHINE brand. “Stillhouse Moonshine” is embossed around the bottom-diameter of the jug and the brand’s howling wolf logo is etched in the bottle’s shoulder. The bottom is embossed with the Stillhouse name and logo so fellow-drinkers can identify the brand.

The label is clear film with a three-color decoration. The jug’s bar-top closure features a 45-mm closure disk that has the appearance of weathered copper and displays the brand’s logo. It uses a synthetic cork.