New Jade Monk Stone Ground Matcha Green Tea Powder launches.

New brand Jade Monk has teamed withOvernight Labels( upon the launch of its Stone Ground Matcha Green Tea Powder. Overnight Labels printed the Jade Monk packaging and also entered it into the Printing Industries of America’s Premier Print Award, where Overnight Labels won a Certificate of Merit.

 Jade Monk® was created by beverage makers dedicated to changing how people think about what they drink. By blending the potency of legendary Matcha green tea with all-natural low calorie sweeteners and flavors, Jade Monk distinguishes itself as a beneficial and alluring instant powdered functional beverage. Jade Monk is a convenient, highly nutritious, low calorie, functional beverage based on ancient ceremonial Japanese tea (Matcha). The tea is packaged in single serve packets that allow consumers to take them wherever they go, with little to no space requirements. Rip, mix, drink and enjoy.

"We've been working with Overnight Labels for approximately 4 months," says Cort Bucher, Jade Monk co-founder. "Overnight Labels took the time to help educate us on both the printing aspects of flexographic as well as the various material options on the market today. Their service is excellent - I can always get someone on the phone who's knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend Overnight Labels to others. They have great printing and their prices are extremely reasonable." 

Jade Monk strives to offer a healthy, delicious alternative to high-fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, and synthetic ingredients. Unlike traditional green tea, Jade Monk has 137 times more antioxidants, contains vast amounts of Polyphenols and a high percentage of L-Theanine, to help with concentration and provide an energy boost without the crash of caffeine. Jade Monk sources the highest quality, natural ingredients and a carefully chosen natural sweetener to create a drink that's tremendously refreshing and wildly tasty. Aimed at consumers who are making more conscious decisions about what goes in their body as well as traditional tea drinkers, flavored water addicts and anyone who wants to make a healthier choice.