Odwalla uses PlantBottle for mango smoothie.

Odwalla, part of the Coca-Cola company, introduces its Super Protein Mango smoothie with 20 grams of soy protein packaged in the company’s PlantBottle™ packaging.

Super Protein Mango is the newest addition to Odwalla's family of natural health beverages since the company rolled out the eco packaging in April 2011. At that time, Odwalla successfully transitioned all of its single-serve bottles to PlantBottle packaging made from up to 100% plant-based materials, sourced from sugarcane.

Available in 355 ml (12 fl. oz.) grab-n-go 100% recyclable PlantBottle packaging, Odwalla Super Protein Mango is available in the refrigerated section of natural food stores, select supermarkets and specialty outlets throughout the United States. All Odwalla products are artfully made and wrapped in unique, brightly colored labels.

For more information on the PlantBottle, visit the Coca-Colawebsite.