Mom’s Best Naturals new look gains shelf space with retailers including Target and Kroger.

Mom’s Best Naturals, a line of all-natural breakfast cereals, is the latest consumer product to benefit from Minneapolis-based design firm HartungKemp’s (HK)innovative "Shelf-Kickers" branding strategy. Shelf-Kickers takes new or lesser- known brands and reinvigorates the packaging to create an emotional bond with consumers and, ultimately, to gain coveted retail shelf space.

HK’s box redesign is opening new distribution channels for Mom’s Best Naturals, with retailers including Target and Kroger embracing the new look based on how it stands out on shelves and engages consumers.

"HK's work had an immediate positive impact,” says Jenny Sall, Mom’s Best creative director. “Every single customer presentation was met with positive feedback. The results have been so favorable that we were requested to do an expansion of flavors even before the first new cereal box had gone into production."