Frank’s RedHot launches promo sauce in PET bottles.

Kicked off at this year’s Super Bowl, Frank’s RedHot began a “Frank’s to the People” Tour that visited cities across the country, stopping at major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and Daytona 500, local colleges, universities, and major grocery retailers nationwide.

The Frank’s RedHot black and red tour bus, with its signature logo and iconic splat, allowed fans to sample a variety of their most popular flavors, including the newest flavors, Original THICK sauce and Sweet Chili.

For the tour, the company created the Red Hot Minis, ideal for consumers to carry. The small plastic bottles, a move from traditional glass, are the 50-mL “liquor” mini PET size for the purpose of sampling on the tour and commercial availability at a future date. Produced byCL&D Digital, the 2,500 internal PET samples underwent testing for shelf life and other engineering tests, as well as for approvals with marketing and senior management before project launch.

Jeffrey Gibb, Packaging Development Manager for Frank’s RedHot comments, “This is the first time Red Hot has been sold out of the glass, a big step for product development and for packaging…glass hinders us in some forums (car race, sporting event/throwing), challenges with military-plastic doesn’t fracture or break and does open up the window of opportunity for where you can sell into; there are also pretty significant cost advantages.”

The bottles will be made available for purchase in 2013.