Consumers will soon enjoy new, easier to use bottles of their favorite hot sauce, but the manufacturer of Texas Pete® says the product inside is the same great formula they love. TW Garner Food Co., the 87-year-old company, is the maker of one of the nation's leading hot sauce brands.

"We've made it easier to enjoy the bold, balanced flavor of Texas Pete® by adding a convenient flip-top lid," explains Ann Garner Riddle, CEO of Texas Pete. "Adding a few drops of Texas Pete® to your favorite foods will be the same great experience with our new flip-top cap. You can also remove the top to pour Texas Pete® into a measuring cup or spoon for using our mouthwatering sauce as an ingredient in your recipe. We want everyone to know that while we have improved our bottles, the same great products you've come to know and love are inside." The new style bottles are now on store shelves nationwide.

The new 6-ounce bottles are used for the company's popular Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, Hotter Hot Sauce and Garlic Hot Sauce. New 12-ounce bottles are now used for Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, all Wing Sauce flavors, Honey Mustard Sauce and Cocktail Sauce. A larger, 24-ounce bottle of Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce is also available. The 3-ounce bottle of Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce will remain in the heritage-style design.

"We are always trying to improve our product to benefit our loyal customers. With this new bottle and cap, making food delicious with Texas Pete® is easier than ever," says Glenn Garner, the company's chief marketing officer. "And we added the iconic cowboy to the bottle to make it cooler too."