Roberts PolyPro (, powered by Pro Mach, introduced today a new generation of injection molded bottle handles that reduce source material by up to 25% for greater sustainability. These handles are designed for comfort and for strength. As product sales grow for customers, Roberts PolyPro offers options that continue to ensure lowest overall life-cycle cost.

Even with less material sourced, the Roberts PolyPro design promises superior holding power. These new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) handles are 100% recyclable. They are offered in two, three and multipack configurations. The handles are available in any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color and labeled with Universal Product Code (UPC) stickers. The company offers custom design and prototyping for non-standard handles. Roberts PolyPro manufactures applicators suitable for every level of production, including semi-automatic, automatic and high-speed robotic machines.

“As volumes rise with the success of a packaged product, Roberts PolyPro has the capability to seamlessly and cost effectively transition a customer from injection molded prototype tooling to production tooling and then to flat sheet HDPE handles, the ultimate in cost effectiveness at high volumes,” says Roy Tetreault, vice president and general manager, Roberts PolyPro. “The goal of providing a 360 degree handle and applicator solution inspired the development of our new next generation injection molded handles. Roberts PolyPro is the only manufacturer today that offers both injection molded and flat sheet handles as well as applicators.” 

Roberts PolyPro is unique in offering a seamless migration path for customers. As sales volume expands for customers, the company ensures the most cost-effective tooling, handle style and applicator are available to them.