Hormel, the maker of SKIPPY peanut butter, has debuted SKIPPY P.B.& Jelly Minis, a portable, shareable baked snack made with real peanut butter and grape or strawberry jelly.

Baked to perfection to get a soft "bun like" texture, the minis use a combination of SKIPPY peanut butter and delicious jelly, with no high fructose corn syrup. SKIPPY P.B. & Jelly Minis are available in three varieties: creamy peanut butter and grape jelly with white bakery bread; creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly with white bakery bread; and natural creamy peanut butter spread and grape jelly with whole grain bakery bread.

SKIPPY P.B. & Jelly Minis include three pieces per 2-ounce serving and are available in 4- and 10-count boxes, providing an easy solution for a quick meal or snack. Additionally, each serving contains 7 grams of protein.

Found in the frozen aisle, P.B. & Jelly Minis come in a 4-count and 10-count box, rolling in retailers across the country.