Once Again Nut Butter is an organic and gluten-free peanut butter and natural nut butter brand. After celebrating more than 40 years, the employee-owned company set out to further highlight its eco-friendly mission and build on its passion for the environment with a complete redesign centered on brand storytelling and the products’ natural ingredients.

The Once Again team turned to their longtime packaging supplier, Berlin Packaging, a $2.5 billion packaging leader, and its design division, Studio One Eleven, for the the new brand strategy. The agency worked to identify and prioritize brand elements unique to Once Again, including a commitment to area farms and nature lovers, as well as a mascot named Rocky and three other orphaned raccoons.

Studio One Eleven brought Rocky’s story to life within days, developing 10 new labels with clean imagery for Once Again’s creamy, crunchy, salt-free and no-stir variations of peanut, almond, cashew and sunflower seed butter, as well as tahini. Additionally, the team created lids and cap artwork for the existing 16-oz. jar sharing Rocky’s new look (the logo) and a brief synopsis of the company’s story.