Nestlé utilizes a sports cap with innovative tamper-evident band.

Nestlé has chosen a new cap for its European water brands. Astra Plastique has developed Picasso, a high tech custom tri-color flip-top sports closure with a translucent polypropylene body incorporating an innovative integral tamper evident band, which remains within the closure after opening.

Astra Plastique has patented the integral tamper-evident band which is completely inaccessible and therefore inviolable, even with an external tool. The translucent material for the closure body and flip-top allows a clear view of the color-contrasted tamper evident band; when the flip-top is pushed open for the first time the band’s bridges break automatically, the lower section then drops to the base of the spout and is retained there as permanent evidence of opening. A significant benefit of this tamper-evident design is that no separate strip of plastic is thrown away, a concept in line with the environmental policies of Global Closure Systems ( and Nestlé.

Picasso also features a double hinge, which enables the flip-top to open easily to 180°, holding it in that position for a more comfortable drinking experience. The flip-top closes with a positive click to ensure a full seal. 

Picasso is produced both with and without a silicone valve for maximum versatility, a concept mastered by the GCS Group in the beverage and other markets. With the valved flip-top open, the bottle can be safely tipped upside down without spills or leaks making it ideal for the playground, at work or on the move and the silicone valve provides the cleanest, easiest and most convenient drinking facility of all sports caps.