Serving the luxury packaging sector, Pujolasos Wood & Pack ( is known for its wood caps on products ranging from cosmetic packaging including perfume bottles to whiskey and brandy bottles. Its newest is a wooden water bottle cork, specifically for a faraway remote wilderness of Svalbard archipelago in Norway – 700 miles from the North Pole. Supposedly containing the world’s purest and nearly mineral-free water, icebergs in the area are collected here. The water fills the high-end glass water bottle on which the wood cap sits.

Svalbard’s water is gathered only a few times a year utilizing local resources to preserve the natural environment. Because of nature’s limitations on when icebergs can be gathered, they are all used for limited editions aimed at the international luxury market. This cap, inspired by arctic nature, has been manufactured by Pujolasos in its new factory plant in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), very close to the Pyrenees.

Pujolasos’ exclusive cap has a natural, gentle wood finish, and incorporates the universal ice crystal symbol with a high-definition thermo-engraving. The neck of the bottle is rather unusual in the bottled water market. High-quality wood and water in this sparkling package seek to provide thirst-quenching people a luxe water from across the world.