PROBAR’s HALO packaging is redesigned.

PROBAR’s “Sinfully Healthy Snack” HALO product line gets new packaging designs from Boulder, CO-based advertising agencyMoxie Sozo.

Moxie Sozo set out to entice consumers to indulge their sweet tooth with a snack that’s low in sugar, certified organic, all-natural and weighs in at a mere 150 calories. “In terms of design we had an interesting challenge of matching the decadent aspect of a candy flavor with the claims of a nutrition bar,” says Luke Sword, marketing manager of PROBAR. “Clearly we targeted the candy aspect of the spectrum, which sets expectations high for the flavor profile. With that bar raised we had to deliver on taste, and we believe we've done so effectively.”  What resulted were visually stunning, taste appealing renderings of the elements in each bar.

Every logo was individually infused with original illustrations of the ingredients in each tasty treat. Because the snack bar is raw, HALO utilized a vacuum-metalized material manufactured specifically for raw food. The point of purchase corrugated box is provided byCalifornia Packaging and Display.

In 2007 Moxie Sozo had rebranded the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company’s entire line of snack bars. Within months of the rebranding, PROBAR snack sales increased 500% and yielded a 5-to-1 return on investment. The HALO bar has been such a success that it won VegNews’ “Best of Show Award” at the 2011 Natural Products Expo West.

HALO products are sold at Whole Foods, REI and a vast selection of health food and outdoor retail stores, for $1.59 per bar.